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A Review of Mace Defense Spray

When it comes to self defense products, mace is practically a household name. Chances are you have heard of mace more than any other self defense product, which is why you are considering buying some. However, is Mace really that effective? Does it carry its weight or does it buckle under the pressure.

  • 18 Jul 2017

Sentry Fire Gun Safe

How much fire protection do you need for your Sentry fire gun safe? And what do all those ratings mean anyhow? All Sentry safes undergo UL fire testing. This means that safes are tested by the independent Underwriters Laboratory. One very important thing to realize is that you want a safe that is "UL Listed". This means that the product has actually passed a UL test.

  • 19 Jul 2017

Puma Hunting Knife Review; Putting The Cutting Edge Under The Scope

When it comes to hunting knives, Puma is considered by most experts to be the elite, the cream of the crop, the absolute cutting edge in design, utility and pure class. Well-designed of the best quality materials, PUMA knives don't come cheap - but they're quality all the way. Each blade is hand-ground, and each knife is assembled by hand.

  • 24 Jul 2017
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26 Jun 2017
Posted By George W.

Strobing LED Flashlights: Police And Military Uses

Law enforcement, government agencies and independent developers have all been searching for non-lethal and less forceful methods of subduing criminals and enemies. The use of tasers, rubber bullets and various gases and sprays have all been, and are all being, studied to find out how much damage, both short term and long term, they do. Some of the newest and most promising devices are being developed using an existing flashlight feature - strobing LED light.
14 Jul 2017
Posted By Debora F.

Tactical Led Flashlights Are Suited For Home & Outdoor Use

If you are looking for a new flashlight for your home, for your car, or for anywhere else that you might need quality light in a hurry, you should consider a tactical flashlight or torch. A tactical torch is one that is designed to be a professional flashlight and to serve the police, military, fire services, industrial workers and other professionals. These tactical lights are available to the general public and are some of the highest quality lights around.
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28 Jun 2017
Posted By Oliver H.

Stun Guns VS Taser Guns: Which One Is Better?

Taser guns or stun guns, which one is better? This is a burning question that many consumers ask when they are looking for the right self defense weapon to use for protection. In my opinion, this is a very good question, and its one that many people have their own pre-notions about. Obviously, both stun guns and taser guns are extremely effective self defense weapons. Yet, there is definitely a distinct difference between both weapons, and both have their up and down sides to ownership.
2 Jul 2017

Estwing Leather Sportsman's Axe - Hatchet | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews the Estwing Leather Sportsman's Axe, more commonly known as a hatchet. Endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America and ...

27 Jun 2017

Hathcock Target Sniper Slingshot | Pocket Predator | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors goes over the Hathcock Target Sniper Slingshot by Pocket Predator. Connect with us: website: http://www.BlackOwl.camp twitter: ...

5 Jul 2017

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 | Tactical Backpack | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews the popular Rush 72 Backpack by 5.11 Tactical. 5.11 Rush 72 - http://amzn.to/1QyWCbk Color shown is Sandstone. Connect ...

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